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MSA 2000 Family Drivers - purpose/errors

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MSA 2000 Family Drivers - purpose/errors


we have several cluster packets consisting of 2 Proliant DL360 G6 and one MSA 2000.
We installed everything that the VCA showed and after testing functionality we made them productive and they are running fine.

Every now and we get:

Type: Error
Source: CAPIVSSProvider
Event ID: 1
Event Time: 21.06.2010 23:52:24
User: n/a
Computer: DEWSTCKF01
AreLunsSupported(): aufgerufen mit nicht vorhandener Partition für LUN ('50014380065839D0'), device name=\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0

and other error messages from the source CAPIVSSProvider.

Logging a Call with HP did not really help. It seemed to me, that they do not really know what these MSA2000 Family drivers are there for.

For a test I uninstalled all the MSA2000* drivers on one node. Cluster seems to run fine.
This is what HP and I aggreed to - to unistall them.

But hey, its a productive system, I cant really uninstall drivers to test if it still works afterwards.

Can anyone tell me, what the purpose of the drivers is? Do I need Multipathing on a Windows 2003 File- and Print Cluster? Do I need VSS, VDS, SES, iSCSI?
I cannot find anything about _what_ these drivers do on the HP website?

Please help me.

Thank you a lot in advance,
Daniela Nobis