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MSA 2000i G1 Maximum Drive Size

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MSA 2000i G1 Maximum Drive Size

Hello, due to "budget limitations" I've been tasked with determining if we can use 2 MSA 2000i that are currently using the 300 GB SAS drives (3 1/2"). I am tryting to find out what the maximum hard drive capacity that is supported on this storage device. I'm pretty sure this is a G1 (going by the part #) and from what I've found so far is that this device will support up to 5.4 TB of total space (450 GB drives in the 12 slots) but everything that I have read is very old.

Does anyone know what the maximum drive capacity supported is? There are some hard drives available that we can use that are 1 TB but I need to find out if those are even supported on this storage device.


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Re: MSA 2000i G1 Maximum Drive Size

The MSA G1 is very old.  The current MSA is effectively G4.  I don't have details on what is supported but if you googled it and found old QuickSpecs, chances are what you found is accurate.  The bigger question is why try to recycle a product that is over 10 years old? Is IT not important to your business.  Whether you buy something from HPE or not, I highly recommend finding something else.