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MSA 2012 add controller

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MSA 2012 add controller



We have a storage HP 2012i Single Controller (only one controller) and We bought an extra controller and want to install and do not know the steps to follow:

- Is the configuration is active-active or active-passive?
- The  connection is iscsi, do you need any multipath software on Windows servers?
- anyone has any document about this storage?

Thanks for the help...



Johan Guldmyr
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Re: MSA 2012 add controller



1 - the configuration is active/active, volume ownership is assymetrical. But do get a backup of the configuration first. Question I do not know the answer to: should you add it while the system is online or while it's turned off? 

2 - do you only have one iSCSI connection at the moment? You would probably need to add another iSCSI target in the iSCSI inititator in Windows.

3 - MSA2012 is an MSA200 G1. Go here, chose "P2000/MSA Disk arrays", then "P2000/MSA2000", then "MSA2000i G1", then "manuals".


Upgrade firmware before.