MSA 2012FC

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Ivan Salvade

MSA 2012FC

I have an MSA 2012FC with 12 disks 146gb.
Two of these disks form a mirror volume, and the mirror is used for the quorum of a cluster. I want to test that the mirror is working well. I want to hot-remove one of the two disks while the SAN is working, to test if the mirror (and the quorum) remain online.
It's safe to hot-remove suddenly the disk, and after that, hot-add the same to re-establish the mirror?
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Re: MSA 2012FC

This should work. The disk should be recognized when re-inserted, and the array will re-synchronize.

I don't suggest you do this often, but once or twice to convince yourself that it works, you're fine. Remember that you *are* at risk until the rebuild has completed, and that the rebuild time will depend on the actual drive, the amount of concurrent activity, and the rebuild priority.
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