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MSA 2012fc Controller firmware upgrade

Norman English
Occasional Contributor

MSA 2012fc Controller firmware upgrade

Hi there

Can anyone tell me whether it is safe to do this online with host i/o active or does i/o have to be completely stopped first.

It is a dual controller array and Partner firmware upgrade has been enabled. I just need to know whether I need to plan downtime or not.


Arian van der Pijl
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Re: MSA 2012fc Controller firmware upgrade

j200p30 upgrade:

I had 3 ESX servers connected to a hp2012fc dual channel and could upgrade both controllers online without interruption.
Failover took place from/to both controllers.

Unfortunately the partner firmware (A to B) created a continously firmware update loop because of an upgrade error on the B controller.
Because the update could not happen the partner firmware update procedure kept kicking in. I had to disable the partner upgrade functionality because of this to create 'stability'.

The Management code did not upgrade because of an error but the raid controller parts did update. Also the B controller was still fully functional.

I opened a call by HP and it is still under investigations (send debug logfiles)