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MSA 2012fc, Hyper-V VDS Hardware provider SCVMM 2008

Kent Dozaffn
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MSA 2012fc, Hyper-V VDS Hardware provider SCVMM 2008

I have one computer HOST (proliant server) connected directly to MSA 2012fc via A8003A HBA. 2012fc is connected only to this one host.

HOST is using hyper-v technlogy for virtualization, I have serveral LUNs created and assigned to this computer, LUN Masking = unmasked.

VDS and VSS and CAPI proxy is installed on the HOST computer.

I have a GUEST (running on HOST) where SCVMM 2008 is installed, everytime I want to make use of SAN transfer I am told that VDS hardware provider is missing on GUEST:

"SAN Migration requires that third party VDS aware SAN management software be installed ont eh SCVMM server. This is so the SCVMM server itself can control the SAN and can detach, attach, move connections between the hosts."

Question: Is there a way I can make my GUEST computer be aware of SAN which is connected to HOST? Do I need to use iSCSI - but 2012fc cannot server as iSCSI target right?

Thanks for any ideas