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Re: MSA 2012sa - StorageController Firmwareupgrade

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MSA 2012sa - StorageController Firmwareupgrade


I have a MSA 2012sa and I want to use the "HP P2000 MSA Firmware Update Tool". But the tool tells me that the controller has an unsupported firmware version. (J300P11)


So I want to upgrade manually. Is it possible to download just the latest firmware for this controller?

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Re: MSA 2012sa - StorageController Firmwareupgrade



I think the controller is running with oldest version of firmware, we cant jump from oldest to latest directly,


login to SMU and check the current version on firmware on both controllers and then go to hp firware download page and check revision hitory,


I have selected W2K R2 as host,


For Ex,


If your firmware version is J300P20-02  (31 Jul 2009) then you can jump two levels up to J302R10-03  (22 Dec 2011) by skipping J300P23-02J301R09-01 


Follow the same approach after checking the current firmware version on your MSA



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