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MSA 2040 Deletion of GROUP/Volume

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MSA 2040 Deletion of GROUP/Volume


I have setup an MSA 2040 SAN storage which has been running well within our production environment.  I followed an online guide which I found very usefull.  However, that was over a year ago and the system has been working well in production since.

ALthough I have successfully completed the above I am still pretty new to SAN storage and don't get to play around with it as much as I should so excuse me if I use the wrong terminology, etc., etc.  I am in search of some guidance.

I initially seutp a Virtual Pool containing 4x600gb sas drives.

I then created two additional Linear pools containing 8x 600gb sas drives each.  All three pool can be seen within VMware

I have migrated the servers from the virtual pool over to the linears pools.  All good so far.

Now there are also three volumes, these seem to match the three pools mentioned above.

What I am trying to do is delete the VIRTUAL Pool and recreate it with 1.2tb disks.

Would I need to remove the volume group? Or can I just remove the disk group associated with the Virtual Pool?

There is no data on the Virtual pool, i'm 100% confident that the virtual pool is empty.

Will this effect either of the Linear groups?

This enitre environment is running in production.  Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: MSA 2040 Deletion of GROUP/Volume


what you said is correct you can delete the virtual disk group this disk group is part of pool A

I understand you want to replace 4 X 600GB drives with 4 X 1.2TB drives.

you can do this but you can also add your old 600GB drives to your existing linear disk groups

up to 16 drives per linear disk group


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Re: MSA 2040 Deletion of GROUP/Volume

Thank you giladzzz.

This won't effect the other two linear groups that are currently running?

Your help is appreciated.

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Re: MSA 2040 Deletion of GROUP/Volume


if what you described is correct it will not effect existing linear disk groups

to make sure first remove mapping from the volume on the virtual disk group 

to check that it disapears from your servers with no affect



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Re: MSA 2040 Deletion of GROUP/Volume

Thank you