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MSA 2040 Error code 362

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MSA 2040 Error code 362

I had to delete the oldest snapshot on a 14 TB volume because the unit stopped iSCSI volumes IO when it ran out of space.   I left the most recent snapshot but now I receive this cryptic error; what appropriate steps do I need to take?   

ID: A68143

Code: 362

Scheduler: When renaming a snapshot, failed to locate the oldest snapshot,

Additional Information:  The scheduler experienced a problem with the indicated task.

Recommeneded Action:

Take Appropriate action based on the indicated problem.




Re: MSA 2040 Error code 362

It looks like Scheduler is looking for the oldest snapshot which you have deleted already. So it depends on how you have configured the snapshot schedule task.

You can check the below details and re-create the schedule again or modify the schedule accordingly,

Snapshots to Retain: Select the number of snapshots to retain. When the task runs, the retention count is compared with the number of existing snapshots:

  • If the retention count has not been reached, the snapshot is created.

  • If the retention count has been reached, the volume’s oldest snapshot is unmapped, reset, and renamed to the next name in the sequence.


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