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MSA 2040/ Error code 402: Managed logs wrapped

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MSA 2040/ Error code 402: Managed logs wrapped

Since the activation of mail notification I receive the following alert each 1 hour. Managed logs wrapped: A log region has wrapped, and log data has been lost. (region: SC debug, region code: 5)
Steps tested so far:
Transferring log data to a log-collection system
Checked level of set up mail notifications
Managed logs option disabled
Cleared logs
Power cycled the device and reseated all disks


Nothing helps

Any ideas?

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Re: MSA 2040/ Error code 402: Managed logs wrapped

Hi SV101,

I see that almost all troubleshooting steps has already been tried.

Please try a firmware update to latest version :







I am an HPE Employee

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Re: MSA 2040/ Error code 402: Managed logs wrapped


If the managed logs are wrapping this usually indicates some activity is happening on the array that is generating a lot of events. You should look at the events in either SMU or CLI and review what is occurring, You may have a drive that is generating a lot of errors, or a backend cable that is not funcitoning, or a disk-group/vdisk that needs attention.

Once you correct the issue it should help the logs from wrapping. If you can't find the component that is causing the events to occur, then please open a support case with HPE Support using the following web link, if the unit is under warranty:

If the unit is out of warranty, you can open a chat support case with HPE using the following web link to check for options:


I work for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The comments in this post are my own and do not represent an official reply from HPE. No warranty or guarantees of any kind are expressed in my reply.

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