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MSA 2040 Hyper-V Clustering iSCSI connection

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MSA 2040 Hyper-V Clustering iSCSI connection

I'm working on setting up a Hyper-V cluster with an MSA-2040.  I just started at this company and this was already purchased before I stater.  


- 2 Dell R530 server with dual 10GB cards

- 1 MSA 2040 with 8-2TB drives set on RAID10

Network Connectivity:

- Attach you will see a picture of the network connection. The purple lines is controller A and red line controller B. 

- All connections are on the same 10.100.0.x network

I'm trying to achieve a Hyper-V Cluster but I'm a little confused after reading the white paper.  


- I have one big RAID10 Storage group and apparently it defaults to controller A.  Any way to make the controllers Active/Active?  So that is I loose my control A link the traffic will still connect with the control B link?  Because what I read was that the diskgroup will not change crontroller ownership unless the controller fail and what I got out of that is that connections between controller A and B are isolated.

- White papers show building two different subnets for the SAN traffic but in the past(Equalogic's and Nimble) I just setup one subnet that everyone connected to.

Any help on how to properly connect my array to my servers will be greatly appriciated.  First time hooking up a HP SAN.


Re: MSA 2040 Hyper-V Clustering iSCSI connection


If you loose the controller A your host will be use controller B access to your volume but do you have configure ISCSI initiator to with IP of your controller A and B ? ( /  : / 10.1000.111 ?

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Re: MSA 2040 Hyper-V Clustering iSCSI connection

Yes, I started to do a little more reasearch and this is what I got so:

- I got the 2 server connect per the diagram I have

- Setup the IP on both the servers and SAN

- Installed MPIO on both 2012 R2 server

Where I'm lost is that I'm a little rusty with iSCSI initiator. Looks like the company we had working on this delete the host from the HP SAN.  see attached pictures.  

Does any one have any instruction on how to properly setup the host initiators on the SAN and how to connect the SAN to 2012 R2 servers via iScCSI initiators?