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MSA 2040 LED issue

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MSA 2040 LED issue


we have a raid array server MSA 2040 but we have some issues in LED indicators that does not work for some reason, we test the hard drive, No issues there. my question is is it possible to fix the LED light ? and how frequently does it happen ?


Re: MSA 2040 LED issue


You should try power cycle the MSA by taking downtime. Then check if LED issue fixed or not.

Please note that there is no LED on drive, it’s just a transparent glass rod projecting light from the midplane. So you need to plan for downtime and go for Chassis_midplane replacement in order to fix this drive LED issue. Otherwise you can leave it as it is and there will not be any operational challange.


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Re: MSA 2040 LED issue

You have to replace or repair the whole Backplane, but MSA 2040 is an Old One.

I would prefer to leave it, as it is., even I the System is on Warranty because it is a major intervention.

And the second question:

I rarely see this with customers.

But I have also seen this Issue on the Backlight of my BMW Car.


I'm not an HPE employee, so I can be wrong.