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MSA 2040 SAN LED amper no error

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MSA 2040 SAN LED amper no error


We have a MSA 2040 with a disk where the right LED indicator(1) is amber end the left LED(2) is off. According to the storage troubleshooting guide it means that the disk is offline.

But when we take a look at the Storage Management Utility the health of the disk is OK.

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Re: MSA 2040 SAN LED amper no error

Hi Stephan,

The right LED (Fault LED) which is amber, is it a solid amber or flashing amber ?

If the disk Online led (Left LED) is off and Right LED (Fault LED) is solid, this means that the disk is offline or there could be a fault with the disk.

Now the disk could have a hardware fault or could be a left over disk (metadata fault).

It may be a good idea to collect the StoreLogs and log a case with HPE support to troubleshoot further.

If this disk is part of a Vdisk, I'd check the health of the Vdisk and it's relevant volumes.

Hope this is useful.

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