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MSA 2040 SAN Storage connection

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MSA 2040 SAN Storage connection

hello , Hi everyone.

Thanks in advance for your answers , i appreciate it.

Please allow me to ask about connecting a SAN solution (HPE MSA 2040) to the Dell Poweredge R730 Servers.
I'm about to Direct connect the SAN solution to my Dell servers with the qlogic QLE2562 HBA adapter (no san switches). and i have some questions before i go through the steps.

1-Please can you Guide me and explain what exact steps that i should go throgh in order , such as installing the HBA cards in the server expantion slots , if any configuriation required in System BIOS / Lifecycle controller / iDrac ?!!

2-what should i do to install the OS to the SAN and boot from the SAN Solution (Changing the boot mode from RAID to HBA) ?

3-i will install the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3 OS to the SAN, does i will need a driver for the HBA Card to be installed in the OS ?!!!

4-in case i have a RAID array that servers boot from before i connecting the SAN , how i should configure The OS to be connected to the SAN and Read it's Luns? does i will use an initiator like the ISCSI Initiator or what makes the OS Deal with the SAN then ?!!!

Many Thanks again.


Re: MSA 2040 SAN Storage connection

Most of your query related to Dell Server so ideally you should check with Dell support.

This is HPE tech forum so I can think of below guide which will give some idea,


Coming to MSA2040 Compatibility check for Redhat Linux 7 and with HBA QLE2562 I found below link which will help you to get information for driver/firmware/BIOS version required,


Hope the above information helps

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