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MSA 2040 (SAS) - Windows 2012 R2 detecting RAID Bus type

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MSA 2040 (SAS) - Windows 2012 R2 detecting RAID Bus type



Just setting up a new Hyper-V cluster. 


I have the following Hardware/software setup:


  • HP MSA 2040 (SAS) Dual controller.
  • 2 x HP DL380 Gen9.
  • 1 x HP Smart Array P441 in HBA mode per DL380.
  • 2 x Mini SAS connections to MSA 2040 (controller A and B) per DL380.
  • Windows Server 2012 R2.
  • MS MPIO (SAS support ticked) feature  installed.

Both of my hosts can see the volumes that I have mapped from the SAN and both detect the volumes as 1 drive ( meaning the MPIO is working). However the Bus type for the drives is reported as RAID, I was expecting SAS?


Is this to be expected, or have I missed a configuration step somewhere? This means I have to make a registry change for the Cluster validation tool to accept RAID type bus Disks as storage for the CSV. This all works and I can make HA VMs but I don't want to put this into production if this should be reporting the bus type as something else though.


Hope you can help!



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Re: MSA 2040 (SAS) - Windows 2012 R2 detecting RAID Bus type

If you lookup the quickspecs you will find in "Step 4b" all supported server controllers, but not yours. However, assuming this is not a problem, the server can see LUNs, not disks, hence the server is probably right and sees RAID volumes, because the server cannot see the disks itself, but LUNs only.





Refer to the HP support statements for complete current OS version support:


Hope this helps!

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