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MSA 2040 SAS and Proliant DL360 G7

Adam E. Lewandowski
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MSA 2040 SAS and Proliant DL360 G7


We want to connect MSA 2040 SAS to existing DL360 G7 servers for use with Vmware eSXi. Per SPOCK ( there is no support for HBAs that are working with Gen7 (requires HP H221 HBA (650931-B21 or 729552-B21), but H221 is compatible with Gen8 only).

Is there an HBA that will support both DL 360 G7 servers that AND MSA2040? In lack of supported config, is there any one known to be working?

EDIT: actually I see one option that supports both hardware: HBA SC08e -   ( for SPOCK) but it's seemingly supported with Windows (and not the newest) only, is then the vmware compatibility an issue?

 EDIT2: (haha, looks like posting alone is a great brain booster...) so even Vmware has SC08e on HCL, but only until eSXi 5.1 U3 (   Anyone has experience with later versions, like eSXi 6.0? I suppose it just wasn't tested later (not all older HW is tested with new releases).

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