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MSA 2040 Virtual disk group expansion

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MSA 2040 Virtual disk group expansion


I am new to using SAN based storage and we currently have some servers using a shared MSA 2040.

Wehn we intially set this up we creeated a RAID10 using 4 x 600GB disks. This was set up as a virtual disk group. I am now wanting to add an additional 2 disks to this RAID10, however it seems I can't. Am i only able to add additional disks to a Linear Disk Group?

If so is there anyway of converting Virtual to Linear? Or is it a case of copying all the data off and creating the Disk Groups from scratch?


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Re: MSA 2040 Virtual disk group expansion

Any ideas, anyone?




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Re: MSA 2040 Virtual disk group expansion


if you have a virtual disk group it belongs to a virtual pool you can add another virtual disk group to a virtual pool

but best pracrice is to add another disk group with same settings. ( that is another 4 disks)

you can not converts it to a linear disk group.

I think you can create a new linear pool put the new disks in it (linear disk group) copy the data and the add the original disks

to the linear disk group ( can contain maximum of 16 disks)