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MSA 2040 as a single storage medium for a SQL cluster

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MSA 2040 as a single storage medium for a SQL cluster

Hello everyone,


I've always been a Linux sysadmin but due to a job change I'm now in charge of implementing an SQL Cluster. My company will buy 2 DL580 servers to create a SQL cluster and an MSA 2040 storage array to store the databases.


I'm wondering of both servers will be able to "see" the same data or if a special config is required. One of the servers will be active and constantly reading/writing the database and the second one will be a passive failover.


Specific question is> In case of failover, will the passive server be able to reach the data one its has started the failovered services?


Does anyone has any insight on this?


 / Juan

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Re: MSA 2040 as a single storage medium for a SQL cluster

It is possible.


First consider if you want to use a SAS, FC or ISCSI version of the array. FC and iSCSI are the same hardware, only the SFP is different. You can even mix them. With SAS the number of connected hosts is limited.


However, you create your LUNs and present them to the hosts. So each server that has LUNs presented is able to access the data. In your case you need to use a cluster-able file system.

Hope this helps!

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