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MSA 2040 expand RAID 10 VDISK - help

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MSA 2040 expand RAID 10 VDISK - help

 I am getting an error trying to expand a RAID 10 vdisk fron 4 to 8 disks. Any help appreciated I'm new to HP storage - and going off it rapidly!!

The GUI only lets you assign a max 4 disks to a RAID 10 vdisk on creation: is that the maximum allowed?

I cannot find this in a manual.


expand vdisk disks 1.17-20 dgA01

Error: The pool requested is of the wrong storage class.

thanks Rob

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Re: MSA 2040 expand RAID 10 VDISK - help

Furthermore, when trying to create a RAID 10 vdisk via CLI with more than four disks: 8, I get this error:


# create vdisk level r10 disks 1.13-20 dgA01-r10
Error: RAID10 and RAID50 require an equal number of disks in each sub-disk group. - Must specify two or more subgroups

Advice appreciated. Get me a V7000 too late!!


thanks rob 



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Re: MSA 2040 expand RAID 10 VDISK - help

From the guide:


The expansion capability for each supported RAID level is:

            RAID level                 Expansion capability                                    Maximum disks

            NRAID                      Cannot expand.                                           1

            0, 3, 5, 6                 Can add 1–4 disks at a time.                             16

            1                          Cannot expand.                                          2

            10                         Can add 2 or 4 disks at a time.                          16

            50                         Can expand the vdisk one RAID-5 sub-vdisk at a          32
                                       time. The added RAID-5 sub-vdisk must contain the  
                                       same number of disks as each original sub-vdisk.

            IMPORTANT:     Vdisk expansion cannot be stopped and can take days to complete, depending on disk  
           type, RAID level, and other factors. Before starting expansion, see the HP website  

Hope this helps!

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Re: MSA 2040 expand RAID 10 VDISK - help

Issue: unable to add disks to the disk group.

HPE MSA 1040/2040/2042 Best practices

Please check page number 39 and 40. You will see following:

Page number 39
Note Disk Group Expansion is not supported with Virtual Storage. If you have Virtual Storage and are running out of storage space, the procedure to get more storage space would be to add another Disk Group to a pool.

Page number 40:
Note Disk Group Expansion is only available when using Linear Storage. During Disk Group expansion, other disk utilities are disabled. These utilities include Disk Group Scrub and Rebuild


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