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MSA 2040 going from VMWare to Hyper-V

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Dee Todd
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MSA 2040 going from VMWare to Hyper-V

I have an MSA2040 that's currently being used in a VMWare environment.  We're getting ready to do a refresh of the hardward (going with Dell and Hyper-V this time around) and am hoping to use the MSA2040 for a Hyper-V dev environment.  No idea if this is possible.  Will it be as simple as a 'wash and wax' on the MSA?  


Re: MSA 2040 going from VMWare to Hyper-V

If you want to move your data from ESX to Hyper-V environment then I would suggest to take data backup. Then unpresent all volumes from ESX environment. Delete all volumes, snapshots and then delete respective vdisks in terms of Linear array. If you have Virtual Disk Group then delete them accordingly as well.

Later you can connect this MSA to Hyper-V environment and create new Vdisk or Virtual Disk Group as per your requirement. Then create Volumes and present them to host. Then restore data from backup.

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