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MSA 2040 iSCSI "All Other Initiators" working only

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MSA 2040 iSCSI "All Other Initiators" working only


I have an MSA 2040 and I have setup a volume that I am trying to present to 3 ESXi 5.5 host.  I have other iSCSI Storage technology in my environment so I am familiar with mapping the iSCSI initiator to the volume.  However, with the MSA 2040 the only way the initiaor seems to detect the volume is if I use the "All Other Initiators" options. 

I have setup all my host with their respective initiator, and even grouped them.  I did come across the following in the best practice document:

The HPE MSA 2040/2042 enclosure is presented to vSphere as a fibre channel enclosure using LUN 0. This means all volumes mapped to the vSphere hosts or clusters must not use LUN 0. The SMU software doesn’t automatically detect this and for each mapping created, it defaults to LUN 0.

So when I created the mapping I set the LUN to 1, and I am using  a Host Group I created on the MSA.  That did not make a different.  If I change the mapping to use "All Other Initiators" the hosts detect the volume during the rescan process.

I really hope someone can point me in the right direction on this.

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Re: MSA 2040 iSCSI "All Other Initiators" working only

Have you ever figured out the problem? I'm facing same problems. Only works with all initiators group which is very weird.

Re: MSA 2040 iSCSI "All Other Initiators" working only

It looks like you are able to present the volume by selecting "All Other Initiators" option which is nothing but default mapping. So volume is accessible through default mapping.

We would like to understand how you are doing explicit mapping, where things going wrong so that we can try to help you. If possible just present a single volume to a single host through explicit mapping and capture those screenshots for our understanding.


Hope this helps!

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