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MSA 2040 questions

Tom Lyczko
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MSA 2040 questions

I'm looking at replacing an MSA P2000 G3 (old 2012i physical enclosure) with an MSA 2040 SFF device.

We have a P2000 shelf which I'm told can be connected to the 2040 though it will only function at 3 GB speed.


We'll use 1Gb iSCSI connections for now.


The initial idea is to have it with 12 600 GB 15k SAS drives and leave the remaining bays open for more storage.


I got to thinking about the tiering feature in this SAN and I wonder if it would be better and cheaper to get a 2 flash drives in RAID 1 and a whole bunch of SATA drives instead??


Or get only say 3-4 600 GB 15k SAS drives and the rest SATA 1 TB disks??


How would the tiering work?? Especiaily with the SATA drives having to be in RAiD 6??


Keeping it simple means sticking with 15k 600 GB spinning drives rather than mixing drive types but it does not hurt to ask especially since we will have room to add more disks.


Also with the tiering does this mean the disks to be tiered must all be in the same vdisk, what??
And what about the vSphere LUNs?? How should those be set up??


Thank you, Tom

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Re: MSA 2040 questions

The MSA2040 does not support SATA drives

Hope this helps!

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Re: MSA 2040 questions


I have a  

 HP MSA 2040 SAN Dual Controller LFF Storage(C8R14A)

I want to set it  up for Clustering With 4 Hp Server DL380 G7

if i use the drive ( h.d.d 2.0 tb 7.2 k LFF sas 3.5" (AW555A))

may  reduce redundancey ? 


what is max speed if i use ( h.d.d 600GB 15K SAS LFF 3.5" )  can i have ?

what is your permotion ?