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MSA 2040 remove controller

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MSA 2040 remove controller

Hi, I'm a new owner of MSA 2040 iSCSI. Actually I have configured two virtual volumes in a single virtual pool assigned to controller A. Now I would like to test high availability before production. Can I hot remove controller B for some minutes (for simulate a controller failure) and then reinsert it without issues or is best to avoid this operation? There is some actions or reconfigurations to do after this test?
There are some cli commands for gracefully shutdown a controller for maintenance/testing purposes?

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Re: MSA 2040 remove controller

See SMU Reference Gudie Page 44:

1. Perform one of the following:

In the banner, click the system panel and select Restart System.

In the System topic, select Action > Restart System.

2. Select the Shut Down operation, which automatically selects the Storage controller type.

3. Select the controller module to shut down: Controller A, Controller B, or both.

4. Click OK. A confirmation panel appears.

5. Click Yes to continue. Otherwise, click No. If you clicked Yes, a message describes shutdown activity.

I'm not an HPE employee, so I can be wrong.
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Re: MSA 2040 remove controller

Thank you, i have performed all test successfully