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MSA 2040


I am trying to connect MSA 2040 to 2 or 3 separate dl 580 

and use the storage for ESXi on each server which each one has 2 or 3 machines 

please let me know first of all do I need san switch or I can do it with HBA Card on each one of my servers?

and If it is possible how should I do it?

Many thanks


Re: MSA 2040

Connecting 3 servers with MSA storage can be done directly or through Switch. It depends on how you want to implement redundancy/multipath in your setup by using MSA controller host ports.

It's always better to use Switch to connect to multiple servers because that will give you options to configure multipath for each volume to achieve high availability.

It's also important to check SPOCK and figure out your server HBA compatible with MSA2040 or not otherwise you can't implement direct connectivity if not supported.

You can go through below links to get help,


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