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MSA 2050 SAN - Global Spare missing?

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MSA 2050 SAN - Global Spare missing?

Afternoon everyone,

Either I'm blind or dumb or both but where does one configure the global spare on the 2050?

I have 7x 1.5TB spindle SAS disks.

I have created 2x pools of 3x RAID 5 leaving 1x left for a global spare but I can't see anywhere on the pool creation page, or anywhere to assign the 7th drive as spare.

I have left the array initialising overnight just in case the option is hidden while the drive is coming online.




Re: MSA 2050 SAN - Global Spare missing?

Hello Pythagoras,

In SMU to add global spares:

1. In the Pools topic, select Action > Manage Spares. The Manage Spares panel displays.

2. In the Add New Spares section, click on available disks to select them.

3. Click Add Spares. The system updates the global spares and a confirmation panel displays.

4. To close the confirmation panel, click OK.

Using the CLI to designate disk 1.2 as a global spare:

# add spares 1.2


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Re: MSA 2050 SAN - Global Spare missing?

That option was never present but i did fix it with a firmware upgrade.  Once i'd done that, it was as clear as day.


All fixed, thanks.