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MSA 2050 firmware upgrade path

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MSA 2050 firmware upgrade path

I would like suggestions about what is the best path to upgrade the controlller firmware of a MSA 2050. 

Actual version of Controllers:  VL100P001
Desired version at the end of the upgrade: VL270P005

Additionally, How can I identify the what is a major or minor version in order to follow the instructions of the website HPE MSA Storage Firmware & Release Notes?

Thank you,

Arturo Perez


Re: MSA 2050 firmware upgrade path

Hello Arturo,

For the MSA, the major versions are the first part of the version string. For example, VL100 and VL270 are the major version releases for the MSA 2050. The last half of the string refers to the minor versions. Also, the "R" refers to release and the "P" refers to a patch. So for the MSA 2050 VL100R004 was the first major release version. HPE patched that version with VL100P001.

For your system, which is running VL100P001, you can go directly to VL270P005. You do not require to install a version inbetween.

I would suggest you check the overall health of your system prior to doing a firmware upgrade. Additionally you should plan to install any additional enclosure or drive firmware upgrades as well.  To check the overall health of your system and any available firmware versions you can use our new MSA Health Check Tool at the following link:

Download your MSA Log File from your MSA array
Upload the MSA Log File into the MSA Health Check website
Review the results by clicking through the tabs and saving the PDF report
Links to array, enclosure, and drive firmware are provided for easy access

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