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MSA 2050 processor specs ?

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MSA 2050 processor specs ?

Hello and good morning to all

I've been trying to find out the processor cores and clock speed found on the MSA 2050

In the HPE PRoduct BUlletin is not displaying this info.

been doing some research with no luck and no HPE document shows this.


so far this is the info that I was able to find. we have 2 CPU (1 on each controller) they are Broadwell running at 2.2GHz.

Currently I'm missing the CORE count per processor


# show versions detail

                                           Controller A Versions        Controller B Versions

                                           ---------------------        ---------------------

Storage Controller CPU Type:               Broadwell 2200MHz            Broadwell 2200MHz






Re: MSA 2050 processor specs ?

Hi MAlan!

The MSA does not utilize a standard, off the shelf OS.  It is purpose built and specifically designed to get the best performance from a fairly modest processor.  It is not possible to compare performance of the MSA product to performance of another vendor by hardware alone.   

Ultimately the hardware leads to array performance.  We have shared the MSA 2050 performance numbers in the MSA 2050 quickspecs:  


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