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Re: MSA 2050 with 2 SSD 800 GB and 8 SAS 10k Drives

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MSA 2050 with 2 SSD 800 GB and 8 SAS 10k Drives


i want to config a MSA 2052 Bundle come with 2 SSDs and 8 10kDrives to have optimal performance / fault tollerance. I want to use the 2 SSDs as Raid1 performance tier in one pool with the other drives.

What is better:

A: Make a Raid10 Array with the 8 Drives, but if the false 2 drives fail, the array fails?

B: Make a Raid6 Array with the 8 Drives, but the Best Practice say two, four or eight data drives need for good performance ("the power of two")

How big is the loss of speed if I still choose Raid6 (B)? Or is the fault tolerance in Raid 10 with 8 drives so that can always fail 2?

Thank you!!


Re: MSA 2050 with 2 SSD 800 GB and 8 SAS 10k Drives

1st of all you shouldn't mix performance and fault tolerance together.

With 10K SAS drives you should go for RAID5 as this is recommended by HPE in their Best Practice technical paper.

Coming to the portion if you choose RAID6, then it will be much slower than any other RAID because for every write double parity need to calculate so more processing power required and more time required. This will increase your latency. Moreover if a drive fail then also rebuild time much higher as compare to RAID10. If you consider usable capacity then this is much higher than RAID10

In case of RAID10 yes if two drives failed in same mirror set then it's RAID fail but in this rebuild time very fast because data need to rebuild from partner drive of the mirror set only. Another drawback capacity will be less compare to RAID6

So you need to understand your company requirement or the business requirement for the application you will use - accordingly you should choose RAID

Personally I would suggest to follow HPE Best practies white paper or involve some solution consultant,


Hope this helps!

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