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MSA 2052 Disk Quarantine

Sean Hartt
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MSA 2052 Disk Quarantine

I've got an client with an MSA 2052, they initially had a SAS model and the disks were installed and configured into disk groups and pools. Before any data was loaded or the SAN plan into production, they realized they needed iSCSI and had it replaced. The disks were swapped as is but there must have been some change as now the Pool is in Fault and of the three disk groups, one is healthy FTOL, the other two are Quarantined QTOF.  I wish to delete everything and start fresh but I'm hitting a roadblock.

My three disk groups are:

dgA01 - QTOF

dgA02 - FTOL

dgA03 - QTOF

Trying to remove either of the QTOF groups, I get: Error: The operation failed because the disk group is quarantined.

Trying to run dequarantine I get: Error: The requested operation cannot be completed because the target disk group is an internal component.

Trying to remove the FTOL group I get: Error: The requested operation can not be completed because the virtual pool is unheathly.

And trying to remove the pool fails with: Error: the operation failed because the disk group is quarantined.

How can I delete these quarantined groups? As a note, this device is a few hundred KM away so I have no physical access to it.


Re: MSA 2052 Disk Quarantine

@Sean Hartt : Hi Sean,

With no physical access to the Array - we have limited options. Are you trying to remove / de-quarantine these DG's from Controller A itself ?  If yes - try shutting down the controller A and login to controller B and retry these operations. 

Let me know the outcome. 

I work for HPE

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Re: MSA 2052 Disk Quarantine



Hello Sean,


Please do log a support case.

The engineering team would assist in wiping the DGs and Pools using override commands.

The commands cannot be shared in any public forum.


Rakesh S

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