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MSA 2052 Raid configuration

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MSA 2052 Raid configuration

I am in the process of sizing a MSA 2052 storage solution and looking into how Raid configuration is done right.

I have read 2-3 different conf. guides and keep getting "The-power-of-two-rule"

....... Since the maximum number of drives within a disk group is 16, for RAID 5, one can only get a total of 9 drives maximum to obey the power-of-two rule. Because after 8 the next power of two is 16, and we need 17 drives to satisfy the rule, which is not possible within a disk group. For RAID 6, it is 10.

Is it not recomended/posible to setup a Raid 6 with 12 disks and one extra as hot-spare? Then you have 10 data disks, 2 par. disks and 1 hot-spare?

I keep reading of Raid 5 and 6 as best configurations. What else is "normal" when using more than 10 disks in one raid?



Re: MSA 2052 Raid configuration

It's not recommended to create VDG in RAID 6 with more than 10 drives otherwise you need to face performance penalty.

In today's world performance is most important when it comes to storage world or anything.

Also keep in mind that power of 2 applies to data chunklet of RAID 5 or RAID 6 and it doesn't applies to parity drives chunklets.


Hope this helps!

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