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MSA 2052 SAS Expansion port 6Gb

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MSA 2052 SAS Expansion port 6Gb


I have MSA 2052 (2050 with 2x SAS MU 800GB SSD and activated Advanced Performance Data Services license) with 22x SAS MU 400GB SSD 12Gb/s, connected to another MSA 2050 with 22x SAS DS 400GB SSD 12Gb/s through 6Gb/s SAS expansion port (0.5 mini-SAS to mini-SAS cable). Connected to the switch through 16Gb FC.

Q. Will the SSD operate at 12Gb/s or it will drop to 6Gb/s, becuase of the expansion port? And is there an MSA 2052 with 12Gb/s SAS expansion port?



Re: MSA 2052 SAS Expansion port 6Gb

As per the below Quickspec we can see drive enclosure backend speed 6Gb/S SAS so eventhough you use SSD of 12Gb/S speed but actually you will get 6Gb/S speed only. (Page no 2)

I never heard of 12Gb/S backend speed of MSA2052's still 6Gb/S only


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