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MSA 2052 Volume Copy


MSA 2052 Volume Copy

We recently purchased an expansion enclosure for the MSA, and we want to move some Volumes to a new Disk Group and from one Virtual Pool to another. According to the specifications of the equipment this is possible, but when I try to do it the Copy Volume option is disabled, but with a new Volume it can be done.
To copy a Volume do I have to remove the mapping?
Should any additional requirements be met?

Thank you very much for your prompt response.

Re: MSA 2052 Volume Copy


Copying a volume or snapshot
You can copy a volume or a snapshot to a new volume. To ensure the integrity of a copy, unmount the source or, at
a minimum, perform a system cache flush on the host and refrain from writing to the source. Since the system cache flush
is not natively supported on all operating systems, it is recommended to unmount temporarily. The copy will contain all
data on disk at the time of the request, so if there is data in the OS cache, that data will not be copied. Unmounting the
source forces the cache flush from the host OS. After the copy has started, it is safe to remount the source and resume

MSA 1050/2050 SMU Reference Guide ( Follow the page no#95)

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