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MSA 2060 Performance tool

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Max Sorokin
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MSA 2060 Performance tool


Is there some tool to calculate MSA 2060 Perrormace like NinjaStar for Primera and 3Par?

I need to calculate :

 - SSD: RAID 10 (2+2), 100% RANDOM access, 50% reads and 50% writes ratio, 4K Block Size

 - NL-SAS: Manufacturer specified RAID for fast rebuilds, 50% RANDOM and 50% SEQUENTIAL access, 50% reads and 50% writes ratio, 64K Block Size


Thanks in advance,


Re: MSA 2060 Performance tool

Hi Max,

Please get in touch with your HPE pre-sales storage consultant for this information.

They would have access to HPE Ninjastar for MSA.

Alternatively, you may use HPE storage sizer utility.

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Re: MSA 2060 Performance tool

Today HPE announced the latest generation of its HPE Modular Smart Array, HPE MSA Gen 6. This new generation is an entry-level hybrid-flash storage solution that leans toward performance and automation with a friendlier SMB budget. The HPE MSA Gen 6 comes in three model the 1060, 2060, and 2062.


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Re: MSA 2060 Performance tool

IOmeter.exe - download it. I used it for decades.