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MSA 2212fc: Wrong cabeling?

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MSA 2212fc: Wrong cabeling?



I'm new to fibre channel and have a small problem. My SAN is a MSA 2212fc. This is my cabling:


Controller A Port 0 -> SW-FC-1 -> Three ESX-Servers, each Port 0 (vmhba2)

Controller B Port 0 -> SW-FC-2 -> Three ESX-Servers, each Port 1 (vmhba3)


The ESX-Servers see the LUN only on vmhba2. On vmhba3 they see only an "enclosure". If I disconnect controller A the LUN get lost. I think controller B should provide access to the LUN?


Is this a configuration problem or is it necessary to add a seconds connection for each controller:


Controller A Port 1 -> SW-FC-2

Controller B Port 1 -> SW-FC-1




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Re: MSA 2212fc: Wrong cabeling?

Usually you connect each controller to both SANs.

But you should also check the presentation settings, if each LUN os presented to each port.

Hope this helps!

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Re: MSA 2212fc: Wrong cabeling?

The LUN is presented to all ports.

Currently I've only enough cable to connect one port of each controller and I thought it should be enough to connect one port of each controller.

The required cables are orderd ;)