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MSA 2312fc G2 and HP SIM

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MSA 2312fc G2 and HP SIM



i want to install the SMI-S Provider for our MSA 2312 / 2324 fc on our Virutal VMWare Host with Win2008 R2. I downloaded the SMI-S Proxy Provider for Windows Ver. If i try to install i got an Error Message "Smart Component execution not supported at this time in Server Virtualized Guest operating System"

Is there anyone who has/had the same Problem ?

Can someoen give me advice ?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: MSA 2312fc G2 and HP SIM

I found the answer for my Problem !

I always tried to install the SMI-S Proxy Provider Ver

Now i found out that this Ver. doesn´t work with Win 2008 R2.

Finally i installed the Ver. and this one worked.