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MSA 2312i - Expand Vdisk Time

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MSA 2312i - Expand Vdisk Time



We have an MSA 2312i that has a couple of Vdisks on it, I recently had a spare 1TB so i decided to add it to an exisitng Raid 5 Vdisk which had 5 Disks in the array.


All appeared to be going fine, when I clicked extend on the 9th of September, and still appears to be going fine having complete 75% of the expand Vdisk on the 2nd of October!


I'm guessing something is up as almost a month to expand the Vdisk is just insane..


Fortunatley its not an emergency but something can't be right here, the array isn't heavily utilised so can't be contention..


Any suggestions appreciated.