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MSA 2324FC with SAS attached MSA60 shelf

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MSA 2324FC with SAS attached MSA60 shelf

Hello All, I am trying to repurpose some old kit we have laying around to build some simple storage for Veeam backups. I have a MSA 2324FC with dual controllers, 24x300GB SAS disks along with 2 MSA60 shelves with 12 x 1TB drives in each enclosure.

I have all cabled up and managed to reset to factory defaults on both controllers, created vdisks on both the 2324 and the MSA60's. and while the cli responds fairly quickly, the gui is incredibly slow. taking upto 5 mins to show changes.

Also the logs are filling up with EMP errors from both MSA60 shelves.

My main question is, is this a feasible combination of controllers and shelves (i know normally MSA70 shelves are used)

Is the delay in the gui because of the new hardware and vdisk initililazation tasks running?




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Re: MSA 2324FC with SAS attached MSA60 shelf

Hi Darren,

Did you manage to solve this problem? And also I'm curious, does MSA60 work fine with your MSA2324fc without delays?