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MSA 2324fc - changing default mappings to explicit mappings

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MSA 2324fc - changing default mappings to explicit mappings



As we are migrating from Hyper-V (production environment) to VMware on our MSA 2324fc, I'm changing the default mappings of our volumes. At the moment we have the following setup:



- SQL server volume (No CSV, one lun for one VM)

- Cluster shared volume (Hyper-V)



- VMware clustered volume


I want to make sure the Hyper-V servers only see the Hyper-V volumes and likewise for the VMware server/volumes. So I went to the Explicit Volume Mappings page of the VMware volume and clicked the Host ID's of the Hyper-V server HBA's and changed the read access to 'no access'. So far so good, the mappings are gone and in the mapping overview no-access is visible in the 'access' column for our Hyper-V servers HBA's.


Now I want to do it the other way around for the Hyper-V volumes. So I go to the Explicit Volume Mappings of the SQL server volume and change the access to 'no access' for the VMware server and hit apply. Now instead of showing no-access, the column shows 'not-mapped'.


I'm a bit confused by this. Why doesn't it show no-access like with the VMware volume?

Are there any consequences or is no-access as good as not-mapped?