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MSA AutoTiering V2

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MSA AutoTiering V2


This post is very simular to 'MSA 2040 Automated Tiering' but i have a few more questions, so appologies.

I have 19 SAS disks and 5 SSD drives.

My best guess is to setup the following:

A : 9 sas disks raid 5 & 3 SSD disks raid5

B: 9 sas disks raid 5 & 2 SSD disks read cache

1 x Global Spare

My enviroment has a mixture of SQL databases, Exchange Databases, AD, File storage. Some of the SQL databases are pretty IOP hungry.

Would the above configuration be the best use of the disks, or should i use a different config?

What is the best use of the SSD's, read cache or tiering?

I'm guessing the SAS spare will not assume the roll of a SSD if it failed for whatever reason?

We are using 10GB iSCSI and VMware on DL360 Gen8 servers.

Thanks in advance.