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MSA Device Discovery Tool

Hi All,


Has anyone used this successfully to perform an inband msa configuration?


I can discover the device Controller  A and B, they have the default IP addresses &


I try to create a virtual nic which sets my nic to - then i enter the new IP, subnet & gateway - click ok and nothing happens - the NIC's don't change.


What am i missing here?



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Re: MSA Device Discovery Tool

I usually set the IP on new systems via a serial connection by a CLI command.


How exactly did you set the IP address (CLI, SMU, ...)?

Hope this helps!

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Johan Guldmyr
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Re: MSA Device Discovery Tool


this virtual nic - is this in windows 2008 - in a virtual machine or something? If you're on you do not need a gateway. Do you not have something else for example a laptop that you can connect and set the physical nic to 10.0.0.x?