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MSA Disks and compatibility

Simon Jerome
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MSA Disks and compatibility

Hello All,
We are currently looking at purchasing a MSA2012i and I have a couple of questions?

1.) What do you think of the unit?
2.) The HP StorageWorks MSA2 750GB 7.2K 3.5 inch SATA Hard Disk Drive AJ739A is the largest official disk available. Has anyone else tried non-hp disks that are bigger (1TB)? Also disks for the MSA one work for this model apparently which seems odd as they are normally seagate disks.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Re: MSA Disks and compatibility

hi Simon

I think it is a good solution. Also as a next step out of the MSA 1000/1500 family: This was a well accepted solution on the market.

I would not recommend using other than HP disks. HP sells the disk drives which they us as an integrator: They test the whole environment (MSA controller, shelf and disks) and give the support for the whole solution. It might be that you get in trouble with a non tested disk, even it is from the same manufacturer, but has a different firmware (even it might be that the HP firmware is not available from the manufacturer)!

And I expect that a 1TB will be available from HP soon.

Hope this helps