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MSA P2000 G3 FC and Server 2016 Cluster

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MSA P2000 G3 FC and Server 2016 Cluster



I'm trying to attach a LUN from a MSA 2000 G3 FC to a Windows 2016 Cluster. The LUN is seen on the server itself, no problem there. But as soon as I try to add it in the Failover Cluster Manager under Storage / Disk I'm getting the error "No disks suitable for cluster disks where found". But the enclosures where shown under Enclosures.

What have i made wrong or is the msa P2000 G3 FC not supportet anymore for Windows 2016 cluster?





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Re: MSA P2000 G3 FC and Server 2016 Cluster

You can Check it yourself in SPOCK:

And you will see, it is not Supportet.

But "Not Supportet" does in general not mean, it does not work.

Do you have the Lastest Firmware on the P2000?

In W2012 there was an Option in the Cluster Wizzard "Do no check for compatibility" for not supportet Disks (Disks, that do not have SCSI-3 reservation).

I'm not an HPE employee, so I can be wrong.
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Re: MSA P2000 G3 FC and Server 2016 Cluster


and dear Sir or Madame,

can we upgrade the operating system Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 Essentials and Datacenter Edition running at one HPE ProLiant DL360p and two HPE ProLiant DL380p Generation 8 (one with 212 GB RAM and the second one with 192 GB RAM and both with 480 GB SSD RAID2 for the operating system) to Microsoft Windows 2016 Essentials and Datacenter Edition and use a MSA P2000 G3 FC as cluster shared volumen (CSV, LUN) to run the Windows servers as Microsoft failover cluster servers instead of hyper-v replication?!

Regarding to Spock the HP P2000 G3 SAS is not supported when connected HPE ProLiant 360p Gen 8 and 380p Gen 8 running Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 Server x64.

Should we take the risk and maybe buy a used HP P2000 G3 SAS, connect this to out two HPE ProLiant 380p Gen 8 running currently both Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 Server x64 Datacenter Edition Hyper-V (for some Hyper-V virtual maschines) and can not upgrade them to Microsoft Windows 2016 or 2019 Server x64 Datacenter Edition Hyper-V ?!?

Or would it be in comparison more value and maybe better to buy instead a used HP P2000 G3 SAS two new HPE ProLiant 385p Gen10 with 200 GB RAM each and with also 480 GB RAID2 each and additionally with 4 TB (RAID5) each for S2D (Microsoft storage spaces direct) in between those both new HPE ProLiant 385p Gen10 to build a Microsoft Failover cluster with software defined storage instead ?!?

I was wondering if we might get a official HPE statement regarding which way would be the better invest and why this is the case?! Unfortunatly I am personaly yet not able to give my boss the official HPE information or statement regarding this Microsoft failover cluster issue.

Software defined storage with two new HPE ProLiant 385p Gen 10 with CPU, RAM and storage for a Microsoft failover cluster with those two HPE ProLiant 385p Gen 10 or hardware HP P2000 G3 SAS for existing HPE ProLiant 380p Gen 8 without the possibility to upgrade currently running operating system Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 Datacenter Edition x64 to Microsoft Windows 2016 or 2019 Datacenter Edition x64 before Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 End of Live 10.10.2013 ?!?

Please send official (HPE) feeback regading the clustering issue which I can forward to my CEO wo might make a investment decision maybe based (also) on this feedback. Thank you in advance.



Re: MSA P2000 G3 FC and Server 2016 Cluster


A forum cannot provide an official HPE statement of supportability. This should be done through your Account or Sales representative.

For the P2000 SAS array, the supported SAS HBAs are H241 and P441 with an exception on the H221. None of these are supported in a Gen10 DL380 server. This information is according to SPOCK which lists all of our supported configurations for servers, HBAs, and arrays.

You need to review your requirements for your environment usage and review SPOCK to come up with a supported OS, server, HBA, and array. If you have a buisness need for a special configuration your Sales representative may be able to assist. Please do contact them for further help.


I work for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. The comments in this post are my own and do not represent an official reply from HPE. No warranty or guarantees of any kind are expressed in my reply.


I work for HPE

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Re: MSA P2000 G3 FC and Server 2016 Cluster

Dear Shawn,

we got two HPE ProLiant DL380p Gen8 (Gen8.1) and one P2000 StorageWorks G3 with I/O-modules and a MSA 2012 SA with I/O-modules.

Currently we got a additional 421 SmartArray controller in each HPE ProLiant DL380p Gen8 (Gen8.1) to be able to connect the mentioned enclosures.

Which additional controllers do we need to build a Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 Datacenter Edition x64 Hyper-V cluster instead running Hyper-V replication with those two HPE ProLiant DL380p Gen8 (Gen8.1)?!

Further more we got 3 times 4 TB HDD LFF HPE-storage which fits in both (MSA 2012SA and P2000).

Currently the physical storage is detected by the SmartArray 421 but seems to be can not uses as a cluster shared volumen?!

I was wondering if one may let me/us know exactly which component is missing to build a Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 cluster with a cluster shared storage (P2000 f.e.).

Thank you