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Re: MSA P2000 G3 - FRU tpe A/C PSU

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MSA P2000 G3 - FRU tpe A/C PSU


I have a problem with a PSU in a MSA P2000 G3. Im getting the following error:

02.06.2016 15:50 B704551 314 There is a problem with a FRU. (FRU type: A/C PSU, Right, enclosure: 1, product ID: , SN: , version: , related event serial number: B704550, related event code: 168)

02.06.2016 15:50 B704550 168 Disk enclosure event: fault. (enclosure: 1, WWN: 500C0FF0DA13BD3C) power supply 2, power supply status: Under voltage, DC failure, AC failure


I got this error after changing the PSU because the old one was defective.
Does anybody know how to solve this error?

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Re: MSA P2000 G3 - FRU tpe A/C PSU


Since this error is seen after PSU replacement, most posibble reason woulf be a in-compatible PSU been replaced here.

kindly look into the spare part number and part description of old ( faulty ) PSU and New ( replaced ) PSU, both should match.


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Re: MSA P2000 G3 - FRU tpe A/C PSU


You may refer to P2000 G3 events description reference to troubleshoot such issues:

Page 26 covers event id 168.

This refers to a faulty PSU or blower. If a reseat does not clear the error, try another replacement.

If issue persists, I'd recommend to collect a set of store logs using the process given below:

Refer the SMU reference guide page 85 to generate and save logs:

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