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MSA P2000 G3 disk upgrade

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MSA P2000 G3 disk upgrade



i have MSA P2000 G3, i want to replace 1 disk from the array of 6G DP 15K SAS 600GB(spare 601777-001) with any higher capacity disk.

please advise compatible spare with same speed 15K.


Re: MSA P2000 G3 disk upgrade


Can you explain why you want a higher capacity disk? The reason I ask is that if you have a pre-existing Vdisk that was created with 600GB HDDs, lost a drive,  and added a new 1TB drive as a spare, the new drive added in would only use 600GB of the available 1TB of space. You cannot use the extra capacity to expand the Vdisk. So buying the larger capacity drive is a waste of money. 

The Vdisk is created with metadata that defines how large each drive must be in order to be used within the Vdisk. So a drive that is of the wrong type (SATA vs SAS) or a smaller capacity would not be accepted as a spare. A drive of a larger capacity will only use the same capacity as the existing metadata structure of the vdisk allows.

My suggestion is for you to use the existing spare part number 601777-001 to find the right drive for your system.


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