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MSA P2000 does not respond by IP

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MSA P2000 does not respond by IP

Dear Support!


I have MSA P2000

AP839A with Controller AP836A + some amount of HDD

This storage uses VmWare cluster and I can mount partitions as well


I can manage Storage by IP address using IE


Recently we bought additional controller AP836A

At evening - I turned off storage, insert controller to the empty slot and turned storage on


Some minutes later I was able to see partitions (disks) in VmWare console (vCenter)

But I still couldn't connect to my storage by IP address. There is empty grey display - see attach [storage_01]


I try to run tool for discovery MSA - but it didn't found any devices

What shall I do?


I see - there is some USB and mini-USB slots. May be I can connect using CLI???


Johan Guldmyr
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Re: MSA P2000 does not respond by IP


the support you can find through the help of this link:

Yes you can connect via the mini-USB slot - through the CLI you can set an IP address on the Ethernet interface on the new controller.

If that doesn't work perhaps there is some problem with the new controller - can it for example be seen via the web gui of the original one?

One quite common solution to these kind of problems is to restart the mangaement controller - you can do this via the CLI too.

restart mc
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Re: MSA P2000 does not respond by IP



do you have sollution?

I have the same problem on HP MSA 2012i.

Although I do "restart mc both" via Serial console, ip responds about 2 minutes, then it stops responding.

No Alert lights.


From VMWARE a can connect created virtual disks, but i cannot manage them. Strange thing.


My MSA is no more under warranty.


THanks for any help.