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MSA P2000 how to reset controller IP adress

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MSA P2000 how to reset controller IP adress

As stated in the title, how to reset the ip adress to the default if one does not know the ip adress it currently has ?

Unfortunately the ip adress have never been documented and is not listed in the dhcp server neither, so it could basically be anything (have tested the most common private ip ranges and the default settings, but to no avail).


any ideas how to proceed ?

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Re: MSA P2000 how to reset controller IP adress

Connect via serial line and do


# show network-parameters

Hope this helps!

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This one doesnt have a serial port like im familiar with from other suppliers, it has a "cli" interface which is squarish (looks more like a connector you use for small usb devices) and then it has two holes which looks like something for a minijack connector.


Which one should I use ?


When i try the square one (called CLI above it), and connects to it through my usb port, it comes up as strange unknown devise in windows 8 called an acer gadget serial v2.4 (The laptop is a Lenovo) so I reckon the device is some kind of serial com port converter. Does any one have a driver that one can use to connect to this port ? Or should i connect to one of the others ?

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Hi, it's the mini-usb one.