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MSA P2000G3 Host ID problem

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MSA P2000G3 Host ID problem

After configuration of our P2000G3 with our BL460c G8 Blades With Qlogic cards, I can only map to the Device IDs for the Qlogic cards, no associated Host Names (Server Names) are showing up in the Storage Manage Utility in the Hosts List (left column).  How do I get the host names to show, do I have to add these manually?

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Re: MSA P2000G3 Host ID problem





This is considered to be an issue with the P2000 G3 controller  and this not seen across the P2000 G3  only on some this is cosmetic issue where in those host ID are not visible in the SMU though the HOST ID is present

This is some time resolved by a reboot of restating of the P2xxx  controller  this issue is supposed to be fixed in the new firmware release and there is a new on that was released on 12 th march   TS250R021 (12 Mar 2013)