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MSA P2040 iSCSI replication

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MSA P2040 iSCSI replication


We have an iSCSI P2040 with three hosts directly attached to the MSA. Each host has 2 x 10Gbe NICs which are cabled to the storage with one NIC attached to each controller. I'm using linear disks for ths configuration

This leaves us with 2 available ports (1 per controller) on the MSA which I want to use for replication - would this work if I just connect these to the equivalent ports on the other array? Or does the array expect to be able to communciate down all the iSCSI ports?

I've read that remote snap uses the controller management ports for the initial setup and communication with the partner array and then sends replication over the controller ports (in out case iSCSI). So I'm uncertain if it just uses any port(s) over which it can establishe a connection to the other array or it it needs to send the replicated data using specific host ports.

As there are no network switches involved here will I also need to map all the volumes I wish to replicate to the 2 ports that will be used as replication ports?

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Re: MSA P2040 iSCSI replication

Hi @jlangmead


Please find the Replication cabling and configuration in the below mentioned guide (page 37) , Please let us know if you need further assistance on the same.


As per recommendations , Switch is required. Please refer to the document given above.



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Re: MSA P2040 iSCSI replication


For remote replications, dual-controller arrays connected via a switch; direct connection between systems is not supported. For optimum results, configure and connect all ports.

The management ports on the two arrays must be on the same network when using the SMU to create replication sets, or when specifying a vdisk and having the remote system create the secondary volume.

For the iSCSI controller arrays,  connect and configure all of the iSCSI ports with valid IP addresses.

It is recommended to use the first 4 (A1, B1, A2, B2) ports for data and the last 4 (A3, B3, A4, B4) for replication.

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