MSA San Switch

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MSA San Switch

We have a SAN switch with two interconnect panels.
Blade servers are configred to connect through both panels. Port 1 on Interconnect 1 is ok (green lights). Port 1 on Interconnect 2 appears to have an error (constant orange). does anyone know what this indicates?
Pieter 't Hart
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Re: MSA San Switch

I'm not clear about your situation.
you say "interconnect pannel" wich suggest it's purpose is to connect to another SAN switch (possibly in your blade enclosure?).
Or do you mean your blade enclosure has two interconnect panels wich now connect to a single SAN-switch?

Orange means the connected port cannot "log-in" to the fabric.

have you logged (web, telnet, or serial port) in to the SAN-switch to determine any status?