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MSA Volume Affinity

Volume Affinity


If I have one disk group of SSD, pool A, and enough SAS drives to create 6 disk groups split across pool A and pool B. How can I create a volume that lives only on SSD disk group? Would I have to move all SAS disk groups to pool B and specify pool A and affinity = performance?


Re: MSA Volume Affinity


It seems your requirement is Volume Pinning but that is not available in MSA.

You can keep all SSD drives in Pool A and create Volumes so that only SSD tier will be used dedicatedly for any Volume part of Pool A.

If you mix SAS and SSD drives VDGs in Pool A then yes you need set Volume affinity as Performance and that will help to deal Hot data by SSD tier as per Host application demand but there is a catch. It depends on data pattern as well means Sequential or random data. If the virtual volume uses mostly random or bursty low-latency workloads such as online transaction processing (OLTP), virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), or virtualization environments, HPE recommends setting the preference to Performance. This setting keeps as much of the volume’s data in the performance tier for as long as possible.

You can go through MSA best practices whitepaper to get more details on Tiering and Volume affinity feature,


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